New student orientation planning tools

Welcome! This section provides information for incoming, new students who are getting ready for New Student Orientation in the summer, and who are considering preparing for a career in health or law.

Read through the material in this section for tips on what you'll need to know to be well prepared for New Student Orientation advising and registration for fall classes. Consult information at the links below for your specific career area(s) of interest. Write down any questions you may have to discuss with your academic advisor during Orientation advising.

Once you start classes in the fall, be sure to use the services of the Health Professions & Prelaw Center. HPPLA’s mission is to help IU Bloomington students become thoughtful, well-prepared, successful applicants to professional schools across the country. Admission to these programs can be very competitive, but the Health Professions & Prelaw Advising staff is here to help you at each step!

Most medical and health profession schools accept some Advanced Placement or credit-by-examination toward meeting admission requirements, although some schools restrict use of such credit. Students  should be aware that receiving an exemption from a requirement is not generally considered equivalent to Advanced Placement credit, credit-by-examination, or credit from coursework. College-level coursework is often preferable for preparation for exams such as the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

View NSO planning information for the pre-health or prelaw area(s) you're interested in:




Pre-occupational therapy



Pre-physical therapy

Pre-physician assistant

Pre-veterinary medicine